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Trip Reports

July 30 Pine cleanup: Peterson to Low

 | Published on 7/30/2010

Who came?

Lois and John, Tom Wells, Karen Mueller, Tracie Lord, Marlene and Marv, and 5 people from the visiting Prairie State Canoeists, Joan Taylor, Frank Rettinger, Fran Almquist, Tom Eckels and June Huffman


Where did you go?

Peterson to Low Bridge


What kind of boats were there?

Lois and John in a tandem canoe borrowed from PRPC (aka “the mother ship”), all other TAPC members were in kayaks. The PSC crew had several solo canoes, a tandem canoe being paddled solo and a kayak from 1973!

Anything noteworthy?

We started out on this gorgeous day behind a group of 13 eight person rafts launching at the Peterson Bridge access. They were having quite a party! We paddled along picking up trash and hoping that the many people we saw enjoying the river would not add more trash in our wake.

Tracie found a good lunch spot with room for all 11 of our boats and a backrest made out of a logjam which provided comfortable seating for several people.


 The group is happy because everyone has just had lunch! (John Heiam is taking the photo)

After lunch we continued on our way and were surprised to see dark clouds in the sky....there was no rain in the one brought rain gear including the ever prepared John and Lois, so, we got a little wet! It didn't rain for too long, but during the brief shower a novice in a rental kayak capsized just behind us. J&L ferried over to retrieve his paddle, and then pulled over to help.  Fortunately John was able to help him empty his boat and right himself. He was quite scared, couldn’t stand up and was rather intoxicated.  He wanted to stick with us for awhile, but eventually he caught up with his group, and we saw him drinking more beer.  Finally he went on his way, but when we ran into him again at the takeout, he was not eager to get back on the river any time soon!


We found quite a bit of trash, although nothing too out of the ordinary.  M&M went home with at least a six pack, and L&J gave away the rubber ducky and good bike bottle they had found.  They couldn't use the kayak paddle they picked up, since it didn't have its other half!  All in all, another great day on the river and it's cleaner now too!! Thanks to our new friends from the PSC for helping us clean one of our favorite rivers!


(note: Tom Eckels is taking the photo)


Written by Karen Mueller